Yuneec Typhoon H, ST16, CGO3+, 1x Batt, Colour box

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Typhoon H, ST16, CGO3+, 1x Batt, Colour box

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Introducing The TYPHOON H PROFESSIONAL (model Items at receipt of page) Point Of Interest Tracking System Orbit Me Tracking System Journey / Route Planner Dynamic Return Home Watch / Follow Me THE GAME CHANGER The Typhoon H is the smallest and smartest member of the Typhoon family and the perfect choice for both skilled and novice pilots and photographers. The Typhoon H's six propellers provide up to 22 minutes of ?ight time while ?lming using its CGO3+ 4K, 360� rotation camera and comes as standard with the easy to use, intuitive, ST16 Personal Ground Station remote controller - with in-built 7-inch Android touchscreen for viewing superb FPV action. Features: Complete Ready-To-Fly 4k camera drone with collision avoidance Pilot the drone with one hand and control many of its functions using the Typhoon Wizard remote control. Intel Real Sense collion avoidance & proximity sensor unit 4K Ultra HD camera and 3 axis gimbal system Integrated 3-axis 360 degree precision gimbal camera Powered by Intel� ultra-sonic sensor technologies Six ultra powerful motors for unparalleled stability Packed with smart filming modes to get the perfect shot Full first person view and telemetry data displayed right on the controller Control the resolution, white balance and exposure all while in the air Up To 25 Minute Flight Time Comes with an extra battery and a backpack WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE! The Typhoon H Professional comes with the additional Intel Real Sense ultrasonic proximity sensors to help it steer clear of any large obstacles and intelligently manoeuvre around any potential collisions. See for yourself in the video to the left. ALL-IN-ONE (HAND) CONTROL Introducing Wizard, Yuneec's intelligent remote control that lets you pilot your drone and control its functions with only one hand. It comes complete with a waterproof carrying strap so you're able to take it with you come rain or shine. Point-To-Fly - Simply point the wizard towards where you want to fly. Altitude Tracker - Height tracking keeps users in frame as their altitude changes. Backwards Compatibility - It's compatible with the Entire Typhoon Series of Drones. One Handed Flight Control - Watch/Follow Me, Dynamic Return Home + other functions are now single-handed operations. YOUR 4K EYE IN THE SKY The Typhoon H comes with the proven 3-axis CGO3+ gimbal camera offering 4K resolution. The gimbal itself can be rotated 360� in any direction and the camera can be pointed wherever needed, capturing silky smooth videos and vivid images as a result of the optimised 115� wide angle fixed focused lens. ADVANCED ALL-IN-ONE CONTROLLER The Typhoon H comes with the Yuneec ST16 personal ground station, a perfect controller and ground station to both fly and control all the settings on the aircraft, gimbal and camera through an intuitive user interface. The ST16 is equipped with a 7 Inch Android, colour, touchscreen for easy interaction. The screen displays the downlinked video as well as flight information and telemetry data. SMART FLIGHT The technology by Intel offers several smart functions integrated into the system including CYCLE, Point of interest (POI), Curve Cable Cam (CCC), JOURNEY and Front Ultrasound Sensor function. These functions add to the other proven safety features from Yuneec like Geo-fencing, Dynamic Return home, Low Battery Return Home and No Fly Zones. YUNTYHBUK includes Typhoon H, ST16, CGO3+, 1x Battery & Colour box YUNTYHBPUK includes Typhoon H, ST16, CGO3+, 2x Battery & Backpack YUNTYHBRUK includes Typhoon H, ST16, CGO3+, 2x Batt, R-Sense, IPS, Backpack & FREE Wizard with TYHBP and TYNBR

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